Ανάλυση Εικόνας

  • Movement detection: Identify and send alerts based on either human or vehicle movement detection.  Read more >

  • Object abandoned detection: Recognise when a specified object is abandoned. Useful to secure public and private spaces.

  • Object missing detection: Recognise when certain objects are moved. Useful to secure stock outside and to aid with stock control.  Read more >

  • Area protection: Recognise when a vehicle or human enters and/or exits a specified ‘area’.

  • Loitering detection: Recognise when bodies move into a specified ‘area’, and remain in that area for a specified time.

  • Stranger detection: Identify when an individual is not registered on the database when they are spotted by a camera.

  • Face recognition: Get different alerts based on different people enrolled to a GDPR complaint “face library” database. For example, if a pre-enrolled VIP walks in to your lobby, you can set the system to notify your team.   Read more >

  • Passive access control: Enable access to a specific location when a person registered on the database is spotted (e.g. by connecting to a door / barrier control system). And create alerts when a person who is not permitted in a certain location is identified (e.g. a cleaner operating in the safe room).

  • People-counting / people management: Track and manage people entering/exiting your property, how many people enter specific areas of your property, track building utility over time (e.g. levels of usage of different areas of the building).

  • ANPR: Identify and log vehicles via their number plates; track car park usage over time.

  • Video structuration / smart search: Allows you to easily search for events / persons based information such as what the subject was wearing including colour of clothing / gender of subject or what a colour of a vehicle and much more.   Read more >