Worksites Security

Dynamic and flexible protection solution

ErgoAlarm presents the best and most up-to-date worksites safety solution.

As outdoors safety experts, we understand the importance of a reliable, flexible and affordable site maintenance solution. Our system offers a complete combination of components, capable of providing effective video confirmation while at the same time best covering the needs of the system against adverse weather conditions and the risk of sabotage.

At a glance…

  • the most modern mobile video circuit solution
  • security system for intrusion and theft of materials
  • fire protection with priority of informing authorities
  • login control with separate passwords for each user
  • complete independence from the power grid
  • military specifications weather protection

Our solutions and products in a nutshell

The security tower is today the epitome of knowledge in visual confirmation.
Without the need for external power, a fixed telephony network, the site is secured against any unauthorized intrusion, day and night.

ErgoAlarm provides for installation on site:

  • Modern mobile closed circuit television (CCTV) units.
  • Static installations of alarm systems and cameras.


Each system, designed for the specific needs of each project, includes a control panel, motion sensors with a built-in camera that provides visual confirmation for each event, alert devices (visual and / or audible), sabotage protection, power supply depending on installation needs.

The system is designed for ease of installation but also where necessary to move it. It is scalable and customizable to cover large or smaller construction sites.

Complete alarm in a tower

We can install all cameras, sensors, siren, intercom, fire protection, and so on on a single tower or install multiple towers that communicate with each other in a single protection system.

Full development in a few hours

Because they are 100% wireless and are installed by the most skilled technicians, our system can be ready in a matter of hours. Especially if the space to be stored is too large, it is possible to study in detail so that it can be installed in a short time.

Ideal placement

The system is designed to be easily moved and positioned exactly where it is most efficient. The carrier base includes wheels and telescopic stabilization arms. We simply transport the tower to the ideal location and connect it wirelessly to the rest of the protection system.

Investing in security

By owning and installing an Ergoalarm Site Protection System, make an investment for the safety of not one, but several sites.

Because the construction site is temporary, the system will have you left to install it in your next project. It is easily customizable so you can adapt to different installation requirements in a short time, ensuring that the protection system is followed wherever you are.

It will be the first thing you set up, without the need for other infrastructure such as electricity and telecommunications. From the very first moment you will be guaranteed the protection of machinery and materials from theft and sabotage.