P/V Park Security


The safety of photovoltaic parks is a crucial issue that is of particular concern to manufacturers and investors in the energy sector. And this is obvious since expensive production equipment (frame converters) is exposed in the open air and usually in areas that are remote from urban or suburban tissue.

Limitations of other systems

The solutions that have been implemented so far are far from being considered safe and reliable. They are directly dependent on factors such as uninterrupted power supply, which directly affects the proper functioning of telecommunications equipment.

In addition, various devices such as blockers and jammers can block communication and disable them.

Classic security systems are operational only when the project is completed and the communication infrastructures are implemented, making the period of their construction a difficult security period.

In addition, the coverage points are significantly restricted to the imaginary lines defined between the infrared beams usually chosen as a solution, as they are readily perceived by any prospective intruder. Similarly, there are major delays in repairing defects as they require specialized technicians from the installing company, which is usually reflected in several days’ delay.

The best solution both technically and economically today is achieved with the use of combinatonial camera detectors. This option offers complete fearlessness to changes in voltage and lightning-electric impact shocks that can easily render a security system inactive. Installation of the system DOESN’T require any wiring as its entire application is backed by batteries (common alkaline and lithium) with up to 2 years of life.
The application uses a new type of antijammer making the communication of the system unlocked.

The experience of applying the system in Greek conditions best confirms the choice, having demonstrated excellent behavior in real situations and making our proposal extremely advantageous but above all effective.

In addition, it is the only application that can protect the photovoltaic or wind farm from the first stage of its construction as it does not require a power line or telephone connection.


Zero wiring costs

Absence of hidden costs and delays.

Installation from the first day of work

Coverage at no extra cost for storage

Immunity to lightning

No effect of lightning or fluctuations in power supply.

Instant extensibility

The investor can at any time improve the level of security

Easy stock retention

Minimum number of segments. Easy stock keeping without complicated incompatibilities. Permanent repository of 5 codes in total. Simple and understandable pricing.

Easy installation

Possibility of simple implementation of the project by electricians - project developers. An affordable and immediately applicable solution

video from each detection spot

Video report of each detection spot. Absence of any false alarm concept. No investor or manufacturer nuisance.

Decentralized layout

Damage to one device does not affect the whole application. Reliability, easy replacement and high 99% survivability

Homogeneous, reliable solution

All parts of the system work perfectly seamlessly with each other as they are designed as one entity.

Modern alarm reception center

Modern alarm reception center always with visual confirmation. Services and reliability backed by leading Dutch ASBsecurity creator of Security Control Software platform

Nevelus Wireless Security System

The Nevelus security system consists of the central unit (NVL CP 90) and the peripheral external detectors (NVL FS 100)

The application as a whole does not require any power or telephone line supply except the existence of a mobile operator
System autonomy is guaranteed with up to 4 years of battery life.
Each outer probe covers a 12-meter area in a 90-degree radius of action. In addition to night detection, it has two infrared headlamps.


During detection, the device receives 12-second video. The video is transmitted to the control center. The central station operator shall evaluate the causes of its occurrence and execute the procedures specified in the protocol.

Powerful encryption and compression ensure secure transmission of video images over a simple GSM network without the need for 3G services. Below you will find informative material and reference prices. We are always at your disposal for any additional information or technical clarification you may need.